April 19, 2010


The next Bond production is on hold as EON Productions navigates the uncertainties of MGM, but fans can look forward to a cool series of books coming up from DK Publishing, the guys that brought you the James Bond Encyclopedia. From Victoria Gallagher at The Bookseller:

Dorling Kindersley will be hoping its new James Bond book collection, which looks at all aspects of the secret agent, from his Aston Martin to his bevy of beautiful women, will seduce readers. The first two titles will be published on 3rd May in paperback. The Book of Bond- the Style, the Story, the Excitement will examine the style and charisma of the man himself, his most memorable confrontations, and introduce each one of his 22 films. Bond Cars and Vehicles- the Classic Cars, the Air and Sea Vehicles, the Secret Weapons, will feature Bond's cars as well as other boats and aircraft he has piloted, along with some of his most exciting chases. The final two titles will be released on 1st September in the same format. The Bond Girls- the Good, the Bad, the Dangerous, will feature a selection of the women Bond has encountered during his assignments. The Bond Villains- the Evil Geniuses, the Henchmen, the Masterplans, will focus on the rogues Bond has defeated.

Alastair Dougall, senior editor at DK, said the idea behind the series was to provide edited highlights of the Bond films. "If you get all four titles you get fantastic visuals of all the aspects of the Bond scenarios and you can see the films from a different perspective," Dougall said. Each book runs through the films chronologically starting at "Dr No" through to "Quantum of Solace". Dougall said the books are "fun and accessible" with images running across spreads, and quotes, which "capture the spirit of the movies". Dougall added: "They will appeal to fans and they will appeal to people who remember the Bond films and want to re-experience and re-enjoy them." The titles have been created in full collaboration with EON Productions, producers of the Bond films. DK previously published James Bond: The Secret World of 007 in 2008 and James Bond Encyclopedia in 2009. Spy Vibe adds that DK also published
The Ultimate Spy by Keith Melton- a very cool illustrated history of spy gadgets. The new series spotlighting Bond girls, baddies, and style sounds fun!

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