August 25, 2010


Spy Vibe fave illustrator, Kevin Dart, has launched a website for his FAB character YUKI 7 and her swinging world of 1960s-inspired movie posters. Kevin's images are packed with implied fun and narrative with a host of iconic elements: evil lairs, spear gun wielding femme fatales, modern design, and exotic locations. From Kevin's website:

We've finally launched the official website for Yuki 7 and the Gadget Girls! There's some pretty neat stuff to see on there, like this awesome Yuki 7 sculpture by Damon Bard! There's also an official Yuki 7 Shop now, which has some awesome new items like this set of Gadget Girl mini prints. And also this new print of Yuki sleeping in her stylish bachelorette pad. Yuki even has her very own Twitter account now so you can keep up with her exciting life of espionage and couture fashion!

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