December 23, 2010


Looking at Hi-def video SLRs and camcorders during the holiday rush got me thinking about Minox cameras. Spy Vibers know them as those sleek, little cameras often seen in spy adventures. Even James Bond used a Minox A/III camera in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969/below). In our era of mega-pixels, is there still a market for such a gadget? Good news for you secret agents out there- Minox is indeed still around! Not only do they have a digital version of their classic design (see below), they also have an image-sharing forum on-line, aptly named "License To Shoot". If you're looking for a film camera, Minox still produces a number of exquisite models, including an anniversary CLX.

Here's an idea: Next time you need to copy some files, don't just drag and drop. Why not sneak into your own office and use a spy camera?
Bring stylish adventure to your life! I suggest playing a classic soundtrack on your iPod dock to provide intrigue and suspense. Maybe something by John Barry or Lalo Schifrin? Visit the Minox website here. Read about Minox history at the Minox Historical Society here. 007 image from James Bond Lifestyle website here.

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