January 28, 2011


Your humble Spy Vibe host missed out on a very rare photo still from his fave film, The 10th Victim (1965), last night on eBay. Verdammt. I've collected materials from the film over many years and it's very rare to see an item surface that hasn't been circulating. That part of the story is quite nice, especially in this age of image proliferation on the Internet. Wish me luck that it'll turn up again, or that perhaps the buyer who outbid me will contribute the image to a book I'm writing.


  1. I have a few photos/lobby cards from that. A fave of mine too. But not the one you were looking for.

    Was this it?


  2. Yes, that's the one! So cool with the multiple exposure and Marcello in those iconic sunglasses. Had you ever seen it before?

  3. Yes, I have the picture saved in my "10th Victim" folder, so it has come up for auction before.
    Most 10th Victims photos go for $10 to $20. Then a rare one comes up and the price skyrockets.
    This one will probably come up again.


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