January 26, 2011


One of my favorite episodes of Secret Agent/Danger Man with Patrick McGoohan. Like many, the story plays out like a solid film. Secrets are being passed through a government man who thinks he's being controlled by a British network. Drake goes to investigate and discovers much more than he bargained for. Yesterday's Enemies is filled with cold war intrigue and the level of dastardly doings that one can imagine drove Drake to retirement. Did McGoohan retire just the show, or did Drake become The Prisoner? Check out this episode if you're looking for a good place to jump into the world of John Drake. Here is a sample clip.


  1. That's one of my very favorite episodes, too! I love Danger Man, and it never gets enough respect living in the shadow of The Prisoner.

  2. so true about the shadow of The Prisoner. Danger Man really gave us the context. Why would a career man resign? This episode and something like "To Our Best Friend" (1965) do a great job showing his tightrope walk between duty and conscience re: the consequences of his work.


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