March 7, 2011


When writing my feature film screenplays, I am mindful that I have to grab my reader's attention within the first ten pages of my story. Similarly, movies themselves endeavor to capture the audience in the first ten minutes. There are many great opening sequences throughout cinema. Spy Vibers may agree that the pre-title section of Goldfinger stands today as one of the best openings ever. Another famous sequence was shot during this time in March, 1964- The Beatles running from fans to board a train- still a thrilling edit of sound and vision to open the music, energy, and humor of A Hard Days Night. Stunning photography and textures. The mad rush. The sight-gags. At last they are alone, and we are alone with them. Catching our breath, and off to adventure with the band- and a cranky geezer who loves to stir up trouble. The film is a magic ride. Celebrate the anniversary and take a trip on this iconic journey. Play it loud! More behind the scenes info here. Spy Vibers, what are your fave film openers?

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