March 20, 2011


Where Avengers fans may relate Emma Peel's Lotus with her track-suit styled fashion, the Fiat Spider calls up this iconic image. From the Spy Vibe archives, a fave advertisement from 1966. Published the year following Thunderball, the piece reflects the ongoing fascination and link between well-dressed mystery/adventure and sports apparel. The wetsuit was first designed in 1956, many years after Cousteau introduced the aqua-lung. Scuba diving grew in popularity during the 1950s and achieved a mainstream boom in 1958 with the debut of the television series, Seahunt, and the development of the YMCA diver certification program in 1959.

Author Ian Fleming was literally riding the wave when he published the undersea Bond adventure Thunderball in 1961. Read author Jeremy Duns' article about the behind-the-scenes development of the original Thunderball story here.

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