April 19, 2011


Today (April 20th) on BBC Radio Night Waves, Brian Clemens talks about The Avengers. From BBC: "Matthew Sweet dons his kinky boots to investigate the phenomenon of The Avengers, 50 years after its first transmission. As well as its regular cavalcade of cyborgs, spies and megalomaniacs, The Avengers seemed to present the world of British television with a new action figure - the liberated single female who, week after week, proved to be deadlier than the male. But how progressive was its sexual politics? Was Diana Rigg in her all leather cat suit a male fantasy or a feminist icon and did Honor Blackman always play second fiddle to Patrick Macnee?

Matthew has assembled a crack team of thinkers to ponder these mind-bending questions - teenage fans Bea Campbell and Sarah Dunant, historian Dominic Sandbrook and one of the masterminds of
The Avengers, the screenwriter Brian Clemens." Listen to the broadcast on BBC 3 at 21:15, April 20, 2011. More information about the 50th anniversary of The Avengers here. Spy Vibe's fashion article Peeling Off the Trench Coats here, and Avengers digest here.

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  1. Did you find yourself screaming at the radio for everyone else to shut up and let Brian Clemens talk?


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