May 6, 2011


The music, the fashion, the scooters! Spy Vibers interested in Mod Culture should check out the exhibit, Reading Steady Go: Life through the eyes of a 1960s Mod, at the Reading Museum: "The early Mod pioneers were known as 'Modernists', because of their liking for Modern Jazz. They approved of all things new and reveled in the coffee bars and supermarkets that came to Reading in the late 1950s. The town’s Mods soaked up the influences and latest trends from London. They listened to black American R & B artists, wore smooth cropped hairstyles, tailored jackets and neat Italian rounded-collar shirts. Our exhibition intends to be an insight into the real Mod world. It goes beyond the popular myths to show their passion for music, fashion and being young." The exhibit is currently running until October 9th, 2011. Details on the official website here.

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