May 17, 2011


Is your hollowed-out volcano looking drab? Tired of the old furniture in your undersea headquarters? Summer is coming, and what better way to usher in a new season than tweaking the design of your secret lair! Spy Vibers looking to add classic Mid-Century Modern furniture or Hi-Fi sound to their pad have many reasons to check out what's going on at Design Within Reach. They are currently running an "Upgrade Your Pad" contest with UrbanDaddy for Sony home theater systems and $5,000 worth of DWR furniture! Entries accepted until June 3rd. And if the recent bargain on Saarinen tables wasn't enough to whet your designer appetite, look out for a Herman Miller sale starting June 3rd. It's all happening at Design With Reach here. Stop in for design inspiration at one of their shop locations here. Learn about Herman Miller here. Spy Vibe wishes you a fabulous (and stylish) day!

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