December 21, 2011


When you create a cocktail of jazzy organ music, purple wigs, silver mini skirts, Nehru jackets, space-age vehicles and gadgets, and an international agency posing as a movie studio, you can see why Gerry Anderson's series, UFO, looms large on Spy Vibe. We announced quite a while ago that there is a feature film currently in the works based on this sci-spy classic. There have been few official updates, but the producers have announced that they plan on a summer 2013 release. They have also posted an initial design for the film's promotional poster. More news at it arrives. For those who have not see the show, here is a three-minute title sequence that sums up why it was so cool. UFO was Anderson's first series with live actors, following the success of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, etc. Although the performances were sometimes wooden and puppet-like, there was a dark edge to the writing that continues to keep the interest of modern viewers.

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  1. Always loved that show. Had a pet theory that what the aliens were doing was illegal on their home world, but the profits were irresistible.

  2. ha! that's a great theory. they were harvesting organs on earth, but maybe they were up to additional mischief, like teenage aliens buying liquor and tobacco. could be a funny spoof.


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