December 21, 2011


Before they formed Monty Python with the cast of Do Not Adjust Your Set, John Cleese and Graham Chapman starred with Marty Feldman in the 1967 series, At Last the 1948 Show. One skit from the first episode might be especially fun for Spy Vibers- a secret service spoof that kicks off with The Avengers theme song by Laurie Johnson! You might even spot the lovely Aimi MacDonald (from The Avengers episode, Return of the Cybernauts). The segment starts at 6:06, after a funny psychiatrist skit with John Cleese. The episode also includes an early version of 'the four Yorkshire men', a skit that became popular with Monty Python TV and stage performances.

Be sure to check Spy Vibe's holiday give-away prizes and current auction (see previous posts). Winners will be chosen on Dec 24th!

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