June 26, 2012


Looking for a good summer fling? Boy, it's time to re-visit Elio Petri's fantastic The 10th Victim (1965) with Ursula Andress and Marcello Mastroianni. Spy Vibe made the posters/stills gallery feature on the new Blu-ray edition from Blue Underground- now only $17.49 at Amazon (and in our secure Amazon Store). Yes, the ending falls into the common mid-60s trap of madcap farce, but everything before that is pure Pop Art heaven. Where else can you see space-age fashion ala Courreges, assassins, gadgets, futuristic Mod architecture and set design, and Op Art? Just imagine a Steranko cover set to groovy Italian soundtrack music. The image below is from a scene that really benefits from the hi-def treatment- Enjoy!

Scroll down for new editions of our series, For Your Shelf Only, where guests share stories about collecting and show us some of their treasures. More about Spy Vibe creator Agent J at Jason Whiton.

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