January 15, 2013

2012 TOP TEN: 4

Spy Vibe just had a birthday- and I'm giving away the presents! Stay tuned for details about how to enter for vintage prizes. I had a chance to explore some really fun articles and new discoveries this year. As a New Year's special, I'm posting Spy Vibe's Top Ten list of favorite topics from 2012. So far we've celebrated Graphic Novelist Richard Sala, Jon Gilbert's Ian Fleming: The Bibliography, Playboy Bunny Deana, designer Dieter Rams, Danger Diabolik, and British Design at the V&A. Scroll down to see these posts. Coming up: the top three items from 2012.

Spy Vibe's 2012 Top Ten #4: One of the continuing highlights of 2012 is our series, For Your Shelf Only, where guests share stories about collecting and show us some of their rare treasures. It all started with Jon Gilbert, author of Ian Fleming: The Bibliography. Like many of us, Jon has enjoyed collecting rare books, and our conversation inspired an outreach to many Spy Vibers to share their experiences and precious artifacts. One of my favorite things about doing Spy Vibe is that it has created an international community based around a love of 1960s Style in Action. Thank you to everyone who participated in 2012! I'm currently doing new interviews for the series, so stay tuned for new editions of For Your Shelf Only

If you want to see some of the past interviews, here are some quick links: Jon GilbertRaymond BensonJeremy DunsPeter LorenzDavid FosterRob MallowsRoger LangleyCraig ArthurFleming ShortMatt Sherman, and Alan Stephenson. I don't know if I can pick a favorite image so far from the series, but I've included a batch that really captured my imagination. Some of our agents have beautiful bookshelves! You'll have to look at the interviews to find out where these came from! Do you have a collection of vintage books or spy-related items? We'd like to hear about it!

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