January 2, 2013

2012 TOP TEN: 9

Spy Vibe has a birthday coming up- and I'm giving away the presents! Stay tuned for details about how to enter for vintage prizes. I had a chance to explore some really fun articles and new discoveries this year. As a run-up to our blog birthday, here is Spy Vibe's Top Ten list of favorite topics from 2012. 

Spy Vibe's 2012 Top Ten #9: Diabolik 50th anniversary exhibit and new TV show. Originally posted on November 10th, 2012. Born from the imaginations of two Italian sisters and immortalized in comics and Mario Bava's cult classic 1968 film, Diabolik once again hopped into his Jaguar and raced toward a new series on television. Sky Cinema is currently trying to develop a new program with input from Mario Gamboli, editor and director of the Diabolik books and author of the Diabiolik biography. The first 13 episodes (of 50) are scheduled to premiere in 2014. The producers are attempting to stay true to the Diabolik tradition, while bringing the character into the modern world. 10% of the budget was spent developing costumes, a process that included using new technology to print three-dimensional prototypes. A trailer was filmed on location with Red Epic. Sky Cinema is hoping for the high-budget look of the Batman and Iron Man films, so co-production efforts are being pursued in France, Germany, Canada, and the United States. See why Danger Diabolik was #1 in our Top Set Countdown in 2009.

In other Diabolik news, the Astorina publishing house and Mario Gamboli  celebrated the 50th anniversary of Diaboilik with a special exhibit in Milan. From the Italian press release: "The exhibition is organized through 22 displays - divided by subject - containing writings, tables, objects and memorabilia that allow you to investigate the world of Diabolik. For the first time on public display are numerous relics of great interest to fans of the comic: the original drawings of the first issues, first edition books, rare vintage gadgets, pages from scripts, and the typewriter owned by Angela Giussani. Of great importance is the multimedia part of the exhibition: some monitors show visitors period films, image galleries, the trailer of the movie "Diabolik" (1968/Mario Bava), and many more.

"There are also three interactive stations to allow the public to "browse" electronically the first issue of Diabolik and query the database to research the preparation of episodes or names that appear in nearly 800 books published to date. Finally, a big screen projecting the documentary "The Sisters Diabolike", produced by Michael Bongiorno and dedicated to the fascinating life of Angela and Luciana Giussani. Special attention is then devoted to the Jaguar E-type coupe from '61, always a companion in the adventures of Diabolik. Throughout the period of the exhibition, in the Museum bookshop will be a space dedicated to gadgets and volumes relating to the King of Terror.

"At the Milan leg of the exhibit will be shown the preview trailer (above) for the 13 episodes of the television series produced by Sky Cinema, currently in production." The exhibit will be at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci from November 10th to 21st. The exhibit has previously traveled through Milan and Naples this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Official Diabolik website here.

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