March 2, 2013


Mark Lewisohn has launched a new website and twitter feed for his long-awaited multi-volume biography of The Beatles. In 2005 Lewisohn announced that he was embarking on a major biography project. Fast-forward eight years to today and we can now tune in to project updates. The first volume is due out in October, 2013. Lewisohn is regarded around the world as the foremost authority on the Fab Four. In the mid-1980s he published a history of every live performance the group ever made, and his research was credited to establishing the historic date when John Lennon first met Paul McCartney. Lewisohn was then invited by EMI to be the first scholar to have complete access to all of the Beatles session tapes, resulting in his comprehensive guide to their recording history and process.

Mark Lewisohn was Born in 1958 in England. He has written about British comedy, Benny Hill, and has contributed to many Paul McCartney liner notes, magazines, Beatles CD releases, and The Beatles Anthology. How is he approaching the new project? From the biography site: "It all boils down to this. They were four war babies from Liverpool who really did change the world, and whose music and impact still lives on in so many ways, after all these years. I say, let’s scrub what we know, or think we know, and start over: Who really were these people, and how did it all happen?" Because of his intimate and detailed experience with The Beatles, I can't wait to read Lewisohn's perspective. Photo below at Abbey Road Studios from The Mirror

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