April 27, 2013


Whispers heard in dark corners and decoded on the internet warn us of a special gathering this summer! People from all over the globe will converge in Ohio for a thrilling weekend to celebrate the adventures of uncanny heroes & mysterious villains with names like The Spider, The Phantom Detective, Doc Savage, and Fu Manchu. If this rogue's gallery is unfamiliar, rest assured that their tales are linked by imagination and adventure to old favorites like Dr. No and agent 007. Pulpfest is an annual convention dedicated to vintage popular fiction, and like familiar comic conventions, the event will feature panels and presentations by artists and writers working on publications, movie screenings, readings, auctions, and a dealer room packed with ultra-rare pulp novels, big little books, cliffhanger serials, original art, new releases, men's adventure magazines, old-time radio shows, first editions, and paperbacks. The schedule for Pulpfest 2013 has just been announced (see below for highlights). Pulpfest will be held in Columbus Ohio from July 25th-28th. Join us there!

Some highlights scheduled for Pulpfest 2013. See the official website for more details here.

*The Pulp Descendants of Fu Manchu- Rick Lai discusses the influence of sax 
  Rohmer's devil doctor on the pulps.
*Hollywood and the Hero PulpsBlood 'n' Thunder editor Ed Hulse looks at The 
  Spider's Web (1938), followed by a screening of all chapters over two days.
*Doc Savage and the Pulp Heroes of 1933- A panelist of pulp scholars and 
  writers look at eighty years of the "Great Pulp Heroes." 
*Daily readings by writers publishing pulp continuation stories for characters 
  like The Phantom, The Avenger, Fu Manchu, Green Hornet, Honey West, and 
  many more!
*Fu Manchu and the Yellow Peril Pulps- A panelist of pulp scholars and writers 
  discuss Sax Rohmer's infamous creation and the character's influence on pop 

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