July 21, 2015


Exhibit: Design Vertigo. An interesting photograph appeared on the Spy Vibe radar screen today via Katharine Boyd (Mod Tales). Taken in 2010, the image illustrates how classic 1960s Op Art aesthetics are alive and well in the contemporary art scene. A special collaboration in Milan resulted in installations at Spazio Fendi and featured this incredible black and white Op Art room by Beta Tank Berlin. Large inflatable (and reflective!) balls were included to create a more dynamic vertigo-inspiring effect. Spy Vibers may be aware that I've been working on a spy novel that includes a climactic scene in a similar environment. The book is called Elevator Girl and features a young Japanese female spy in 1965. Early drafts received high praise from Raymond Benson (James Bond, Black Stiletto) and Jeremy Duns (Paul Dark series). The manuscript is being sent around to literary agents now and I hope to share it with readers soon. In the meantime, just imagine spies fighting it out in Design Vertigo. Photo by Simona Ghizzon. Related posts: Victor Vasarely Op Maestro, Set Countdown: the 10th Victim, Striped Light Nude. Enjoy!

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