August 22, 2019


Happy Birthday to Honor Blackman! Born on August 22, 1925, Blackman soared to stardom in the 1960s as a role model for strong independent women. She brought an athletic, fighting spirit (she knocked out two boys as a kid!), brainy intelligence, and her natural beauty to the early years of The Avengers, where she became the first emancipated (and leather-clad!) action heroine. Her striking looks and judo skills then gained international acclaim when she appeared as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. Honor Blackman has remained active in the business throughout the decades. In the past years, she has toured a memoir show, appeared in You, Me & Them, launched clothing sales for charity, and has participated in numerous anniversary events celebrating the legacy of The Avengers and James Bond. Spy Vibers can find more news, career details, and merchandise at her official website. Many Happy Returns, Honor! Below: early press photos via Getty Images. Related Spy Vibe links:  Avengers Pop Art InterviewDiana Rigg Auto ShowAvengers Interview: Alan HayesJaz Wiseman InterviewAvengers Interview: Mike RichardsonCasino Royale Interview: Mike RichardsonThe Saint Interview: Ian DickersonAvengers Interview: Rodney MarshallAvengers Interview Rodney Marshall 2John Buss InterviewFarewell SteedShakespeare Spies: Diana RiggLost Diana Rigg InterviewDiana Rigg BFI ScreeningAvengers Season 5 TitlesThe Avengers SingLost Avengers Vol 2-7Richard Sala Interview: Super EnigmatixAdventures of Richard Sala InterviewAvengerworldIntegrity Toys Dolls, Enjoy!

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