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November 18, 2013


I discovered an interesting treasure in the record bins yesterday that will appeal to fans of architectural design and Mid-Century Modern. In 1956 the Reynolds Metals Company released a vinyl album called Conversations Regarding the Future of Architecture. In this 34-minute limited-edition album, narrator John Peter recorded the ideas and philosophies of Eero Saarinen, Ernest Kump, Mies van der Rohe, Richard Neutra, Walter Gropius, and Gordon Bunshaft. Listen to sides one and two below. Amazon link here

John Peter's conversations with designers was later expanded in the 1994 book/cd release The Oral History of Modern Architecture from Harry N. Abrams, and included other luminaries like Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and I.M. Pei. Amazon link here. Spy Vibe posts: Mid-Century Modern at Schulz, Dieter Rams Braun DesignTati's Playtime, Bosko interview, Phillip Johnson Glass House, Set For Adventure. Other links of interest: Mies van der Rohe Society, Phillip Johnson Glass House, Eliot Noyes, Eero Saarinen, and the school my family started, the New York School of Interior Design

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October 25, 2012


Thanks to Design Within Reach, an interesting item showed up on our radar today. For Spy Vibers who are looking for the perfect lair, now is your chance to own the Goodyear house by John Johansen. The home is located near where I grew up in Connecticut. Some of you may know that my family started the New York School of Interior Design. The Whiton home was designed and built in Wilton, CT, and my grandfather was also part of a modern design community in the area. For many years, we lived in a modern structure with large glass walls. Sadly, all of the houses in our community were later replaced by McMansions. Just over the hills from us, however, were protected projects by more prominent designers, Phillip Johnson, Elliot Noyes, and John Johansen

From DWR: "The only surviving member of the Harvard Five, architect John Johansen settled in Connecticut in the 1940s, along with Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, Philip Johnson and Eliot Noyes. Drawn to the New Canaan area for its open landscape, the men experimented with new materials and construction methods as well as open floor plans and indoor-outdoor living. The homes they built for themselves and their clients attracted other architects to the area, which resulted in more than 80 modern houses being built over the next two decades.

The most famous is Philip Johnson’s Glass House, now a National Trust historic site and open to the public for tours. Many are still owned by the original families, and on the rare occasion that one of these homes comes up for sale, the hope is that the buyer will be a passionate fan of American mid-century modern architecture.

In the case of the Goodyear House, built in 1955 and located on more than two acres in Darien, Conn., the house is surprisingly large for its day, and nicely suited to today’s way of living. Listed by Halstead Propery, the house showcases Johansen’s use of spatial symbols, such as the cave, bridge and labyrinth. I’m guessing that the “lower level hockey arena” is not original to the home, but the structure appears to be unaltered." More info at DWR.

March 1, 2011


My great-grandfather, architect Sherrill Whiton, started the New York School of Interior Design back in 1916. His book, Interior Design & Decoration, is still a design school standard today. The school itself was originally located around Madison Avenue and on East 56th street (in a building designed by faculty member & architect William Breger). Operations eventually settled in the current locations on East 69th & 70th Street.

The New York School of Interior Design has grown in interesting ways, expanding pre-college and graduate programs, and adding sustainable design and history to its mission. Check their website for upcoming open house, lecture, and college fair events. The Communications Team is interested in creating a virtual forum on Facebook to discuss current design. Find them on Facebook, "like them", and then upload a photo to their wall with a brief description. They are specifically interested in knowing what you think is cool in contemporary design. Spy Vibers, tell us here on Spy Vibe, as well. What's cool now?

"We’re looking for your favorite designs – in rooms, architecture, lighting, furniture, anything you love and would like to share with others. We’ll curate the submissions and develop a current snapshot of what we in the expanded NYSID community find Cool in Design Now! You can view the submissions as they are added and stay tuned for the wrap up in the weeks ahead."

December 23, 2010


Brazilian designer, Oscar Niemeyer, is known for creating buildings with free-flowing, sensual curves, which he finds, “in the mountains of my country, in the winding course of its rivers, in the waves of the ocean and on the body of the beloved woman.” Niemeyer just turned 103 and has opened a new museum and cultural center. Read more at the Design Within Reach blog here.

July 5, 2010


Fans of the ultra-modern lines of the TWA airport will be familiar with designer, Eero Saarinen. Eero was celebrated at an exhibit at Cranbrook some years back- captured in this press release clip below. They are offering Saarinen house tours through October. Spy Vibe's look at Eero and other artist's impact on set design here. My family started the New York School of Interior Design back in 1916 and we grew up with all sorts of pieces that must have made an impression on me as a kid. I was not aware of Eero. He didn't loom large in my world of cowboys and secret agents. I don't remember the house being especially ornate. Rooms were airy, the furniture simple and functional. But when I got older and started to develop my own interest in design (thanks to spy movies!), I did have a neat moment of realization that I had grown up with a set of Eero's Tulip chairs! I guess those simple, modern forms rubbed off on me. The style has become a passion and an integral part of Spy Vibe. Where are they now, I wonder. I like to imagine they are in a cousin's swinging bachelor pad.

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