May 24, 2009


It's Spy Vibers appreciation and birthday week, and there are prizes to be won! Today's contest is for the Japanese assassin classic comic, GOLGO 13 vol #2, from VIZ:

Golgo 13

For four decades, Golgo 13 has been the world's greatest assassin for hire--sometimes to settle a private score, and sometimes to change history! His real name and nationality are unknown--but his legend is everywhere. G13 never fails a job, and never sees his clients again--unless they try and betray him!

Golgo 13 began as a serialized comic in Japan in 1969. The stories are gritty and explicit, a kind of Dirty Harry violence with the "love is required whenever he's hired" sexual tone of the 007 assassin, Scaramanga. Vol #2, HYDRA, contains The Deaths of June 3rd, Hydra, and a Golgo 13 file: styles of dress, sex:an overview, methods of contact, favorite things, property and assets, prison record, chronic disease, serious injuries. Contest is open to readers over 18 for explicit content of violence and some nudity. Book is MINT, published in 2000.

A random drawing will be made on June 20th. To enter, simply post a comment on this announcement at the Spy Vibe blog, telling us what your favorite assassin story is and why. That's it. Good Luck! Stay tuned for more prizes.


  1. I love Golgo 13. Sure the stories are violent and sexually outrageous - but are great fun. Duke Togo is the epitome of cool.

    I think my favourite (I have only read one book - so I'll talk about the films) is Golgo 13: Queen Bee. It is a belated sequel to the very popular animé feature The Profssional: Golgo 13. But time hasn’t seemed to dim Duke Togo’s appeal. In fact, I was happy to welcome back an old friend. And all the elements that made the first film so popular, the sex, and violence are all back too, only amplified even further.

    Queen Bee spends most of the time naked and making love. It is her sexual prowess that gives her power, and this film delights in showing her gaining power (or taking power!). As an example, after the shoot out with the Miami police, Queen Bee is sharing some recreation time, with the local Mafia Don. As they are making love, there is a knock on the door. A man is dragged into the room. He is the stool pigeon, who reported Queen Bee’s drug trafficking to the police. In response, she gets out of the bed and picks up a pistol. Naked, she walks over to the stooly and blows him away. The shot sends a spray of blood all over her breasts. Does she clean it off? No. Instead, she resumes her love making session. Enough said!

    Duke Togo is not a character for the easily offended - but if you like your thrills on the darker / raunchier side, Golgo 13 is the man!

  2. I'll throw my fave in here for fun- most memorable assassin story/scene for me? Ursula's Gun Bra in The 10th Victim, of course :) -Jace

  3. My favorite assassin story is actually an off-beat romantic comedy -- the John Cusack film Grosse Pointe Blank, in which he's a mercenary for hire going home to his high school reunion and the girl he ditched on prom night. A fantastic story, with another great assassin played by Dan Ackroyd.

  4. My favorite assassin story is The Matador. It's one of Pierce Brosnan's very best performances (along with The Tailor of Panama) and - largely thanks to Brosnan - manages the difficult trick of making an utterly despicable character likable! Plus, it's hilarious, and I like my assassin stories with a dash of hilarity if possible.


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