April 19, 2009


Welcome to the Spy Vibe party! Step from the elevator into a vast penthouse of glass, brushed metal, and 360 degree views of city lights and avenues that lead to intimate country getaways. It's an international hub in the imagination, where Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rome, New York, London, and Paris intersect all countries and hot spots of the globe. With Nicola Conte's band setting the groove, the first guest arrives.

Fiona Volpe
(Luciana Paluzzi/Thunderball/1965) As head of SPECTRE’s execution branch, Fiona Volpe brings a playful edge of danger to any gathering. Whether she is plotting a seduction or tying up enemy spies (or both!), Fiona is always on the move. She travels widely for her work and has a passion for fast vehicles and gadgets- a sure hit with manly-men who like to talk tools and speed. Ask her about the four rocket launchers on her BSA motorcycle. Fiona is bound to heat up the party!

Fiona Volpe was played by Italian redhead Luciana Paluzzi (The Man From U.N.C.L.E., To Trap A Spy, The Girl From U.N.C.L.E., No Roses For OSS 117, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Sensuous Nurse). Paluzzi was originally considered for the role of Bond Girl Domino, but was chosen instead to portray her now-famous femme fatale. Originally an Irish character named Fiona Kelly in the script, the surname was changed to Volpe to suit the Italian nationality of Paluzzi.

She and Connery share some sizzling screen time in Thunderball, including a humorous moment when he offers her shoes when she asks for something to wear out of the bathtub. Fiona Volpe meets her end while the couple dances at an outdoor nightclub. After she catches friendly fire during a ballroom maneuver, Bond leaves her at a table with one of his infamous quips, "Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She's just dead."

According to her interview with Cinema Retro (Issue #10), her husband Michael Solomon became smitten when he saw her astride her BSA A65L Lightning in Thunderball. Shaking her long hair from her helmet after a kill apparently really got to him (and to many others!) But the two wouldn't meet and marry until 1979, after which the actress went into retirement to focus on her home life.

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