April 18, 2009

NICOLA CONTE: Spy Vibe Penthouse Party

Welcome to the Spy Vibe party! Step from the elevator into a vast penthouse of glass, brushed metal, and 360 degree views of city lights and avenues that lead to intimate country getaways. It's an international hub in the imagination, where Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rome, New York, London, and Paris intersect all countries and hotspots of the globe. As the guests begin to arrive, the first band sets the tone of the night.

Special Musical Guest: Nicola Conte
I first heard Nicola Conte in Tokyo standing at one of HMV's stylish listening posts in Shibuya. A talented producer, musician, and DJ, Conte immediately opened the Spy Vibe world of 1960s Italian soundtracks and Bossa Nova with his incredibly groovy album Jet Sounds Revisited- a re-mix version of his debut Jet Sounds released in Italy on Schema in 2000 (and by Thievery Corporation's ESL label in 2001). Some of you may remember Bossa Per Due, a track that was licensed for an Acura commercial. Conte has continued to explore Jazz with a spice of Retro fusion, and I think Spy Vibers will especially enjoy his early records. Review on Rolling Stone. Now let's get this penthouse party moving. Take it away, maestro Nicola Conte! Video/Sound clips on the SpyVibe.com website.

1 comment:

  1. I love Bosa Nova music. I will check this out. Some of my other faves are João, Bebel Gilberto, and Sergio Mendez and Brazil 66.

    I really dig the album art of this by the way.