April 20, 2009


There is a lot of fun spy buzz right now, and one exciting voice in the center of the storm is Jeremy Duns. His spy novel, Free Agent, will be released in May in the UK and June in the US. Spy Vibers will enjoy the 1960s setting of this tale of espionage (more info below). Fellow C.O.B.R.A.S. site, Permission to Kill, has posted an interview with Duns here. Enjoy! Free Agent is available for pre-order from booksellers now.

In July 1945, MI6 agent Paul Dark took part in a clandestine mission to hunt down and execute Nazi war criminals. He will discover that everything he understood about that mission, about its consequences, and about the woman he once loved, has been built on false foundations. Now it's 1969, and a KGB colonel called Slavin has walked into the British High Comission in Lagos, Nigeria, and announced that he wants to defect. His credentials as a defector are good: he has highly suggestive information indicating that there is yet another double agent within MI6, which would be a devastating blow to an organisation still coming to terms with its betrayal by Kim Philby and the rest of the Cambridge ring.

Dark has largely been above suspicion during MI6's years of self-recrimination, but this time he's in the frame. For some it would be flight or fight time. But when you discover everything you've taken for granted turns out to be untrue, and when your arrest may only be moments away, then sometimes the only option is both flight and fight...

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  1. I really haven't had time to read the interveiw, but I'm really digging the art you placed above. Thanks for the motivation. I've been lazy with my illustrations lately.