April 24, 2009


Spy Vibe's been throwing a virtual party to highlight some of our favorite characters. Nicola Conte is our musical maestro. More guests have arrived. Which agents would you Spy Vibers invite?

Dr. Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles/Moonraker) Despite her humorous name, Holly is a secret agent, NASA rocket scientist, and a full-fledged astronaut! Look over her collection of the latest Hubble snaps or ask Holly about peak dynamic pressure. I wonder if she met Carl Sagan? Although her character doesn't scream 1960s style, Dr. Goodhead is a Space-Age Aviatrix with all of the ingredients for a fascinating party.

James Bond (Timothy Dalton/Living Daylights) Kingsley Amis wrote in his James Bond Dossier that Bond is “a simple pro forma we can all fit ourselves into. We don’t want to have Bond to dinner or go golfing with Bond. We don’t want to talk to Bond. We want to be Bond.” Although this may be true about most of the on-screen 007s, Timothy Dalton’s is the one man in the group that would not require too many martinis to make warm and honest conversation. Bridging the charm of the cinema persona with the man of Ian Fleming's novels, Dalton brought nuances to the character that get at least one Bond on our invite list. Plus, he might give us a ride in the Aston Martin to pick up more refreshments.

Wai Lin
(Michelle Yeoh/Tomorrow Never Dies) A martial arts master and charming secret agent, Wai would have interesting stories to tell about culture and change in China. Plus she could act as a bouncer if any of the evil guests forget their manners! Wai gets to wear a cool 60s-style costume in Tomorrow Never Dies that is reminiscent of the catsuits worn by Mrs. Peel (The Avengers) and by the Irma Vepp character (Les Vampyres/1915, Irma Vepp/1996/
Maggie Cheung).


  1. Dalton is my favorite Bond too. I'd invite Jack Lord's Felix Leiter, Kara Milovy, Tatiana Romanova, Sylvia Trench and Kerim Bey.

    ...And my maestro would be Sergio Mendes channeling Antonio Carlos Jobim.

  2. I too love the Dalton Bond. He's suave, he's good looking, and he looks like he could really win a fight.

  3. Dalton is a pussy. Daniel Craig kicks ass. Dalton looks like a bartender with a gun