February 15, 2010


Spy Vibe's birthday celebration continues with its series of prize contests. Prize #2 is a copy of The Complete Time Tunnel from Hermes Press. Hermes has done an excellent job reprinting a number of Gold Key comic series from the 1960s, including Irwin Allen classics The Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (and coming soon- Land of the Giants!). Gold Key comics offered a cool package of TV tie-in adventure and bonus end pages with B&W production stills and extras (see Spy Vibe's coverage of the espionage history illustrations from Gold Key's Man From U.N.C.L.E. comics here). The Hermes Time Tunnel collection offers all of the thrills of these complete comics- and more! The 80 page Time Tunnel edition also packs ten pages of behind-the-scenes production artwork, photographs, and images of vintage collectibles- a treasure for Irwin Allen fans! To enter the random drawing, just add a comment at this post on the Spy Vibe blog (or e-mail me at jason[at]spyvibe.com with "Tunnel" in the subject line) and tell me what your fave Irwin Allen TV show is and why (Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, etc). Which has the best Spy Vibe style? Deadline is March 1st.

From Hermes Press: It's back, the complete reprint of Gold Key comics Time Tunnel comic book series. This is the second volume of Hermes Press's complete reprints of all of the Irwin Allen sci-fi television show tie-in comic books. Now, for the first time in over forty years read both issues, back-to-back, together with documentary material, essays, blue prints from the show and more! Full color and digitally remastered, Time Tunnel: The Complete Series brings these comic books back looking better than when they first hit the stands.

To enter contest #1 for a copy of James Bond: a History of the Illustrated 007 from Hermes Press, see contest details here. Deadline is February 22nd.


  1. Afraid I've never seen one of his shows. I remember when Lost In Space was on, but I never watched it.


  2. you have missed out, my friend! Irwin Allen made some really fun shows. I probably would not rank them up there with Gerry Anderson (they have a younger feel despite the live actors), but fun 60s sci fi adventures with 60s style.

  3. Hi Jason, well my favorite show is Time Tunnel, why, during my childhood that show ran on my local tv channel and during that time in history it really was "local". I loved the historic connection of the show and the teaser to the next one but being a little boy I had no knowledge of time schedules when the show was aired so I missed several episodes and never knew the outcome of some teasers. Argghhh! I got to see the shows when someone else of my family watched it! The shows that lasted with me were the Titanic one and the Trojan Horse. And as a child my biggest fear while watching the show was the fear not getting back in the present from the past! What would I do if I got stuck in the past I often thought as a child??? Now as an adult I would have loved to be stuck in the past i.c. the groovy 60's. LOL

  4. from andrew via e-mail:

    For Irwin Allen it has to be Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea--you can't beat glass-bubble submarines.

  5. As for me, stand-out designs from Irwin Allen are:

    The Time Tunnel itself- What a cool laboratory set design!

    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea- Andrew is right- not much can beat a glass-bubble sub! I also love the flying wing.

    Lost in Space- gotta say it... the velour shirts with color-contrast V-necks, and those original Gemini-style silver spacesuits!

  6. via e-mail:

    My favorite Irwin Allen TV Show?
    the time tunnel, definitely.
    it introduced me to all sorts of historical events that at the time i
    was 2 young
    to know or read about.
    i was about 7 or 8 whent the show premiered.
    it was the time tunnel that introduced me to the tragedy of the
    titanic and the japanese attack on pearl harbor.
    i still remember asking my dad (who watched the show with me)
    "did this really happen?" and being stunned when he answered
    in the affirmative.
    As far as spyvibe style goes, was there anything cooler than the
    tunnel itself? it was a great piece of design that (in retrospect)
    mirrored so much of the "look" of the 1960's. Large, bold and
    very dramatic....huge black and white concentric rings receding into
    infinity.....it seemed to embody all the qualities of the "pop" art
    of that era.


  7. via e-mail:

    I have to say that Time Tunnel had the best concept and cast of the Allen tv shows. Interestingly enough, I got into the show on DVDs that my teenaged godson loaned me. He's a total fanatic for these older shows, more so then I am I think! The tech on the show was always very interesting to me, the use of this giant time tunnel in some underground government facility sounds fantastic, but hey, Lost is too far from it really. The types of stories I enjoyed with the threat of changing the time lines and especially with how the stories would be linked between the two time zones; the latter I think adds something special to the typical time travel story. The link with it being a government project I think give Time Tunnel the best 'spy vibe'. Lost in Space certainly never had that.



  8. comments from Cynthia via e-mail:

    Land of the Giants is my favorite but we love all things Irwin Allen - that's why we run www.iaflight612.com.

    My husband and I grew up with all of the Allen shows but Giants sticks out because it's exciting and I had such a crush on Don Matheson. So much so, he was my first celebrity interview many, many years ago which led to my becoming an entertainment reporter!

    Also love first season Voyage with the spy themes, Time Tunnel's pilot is the best and you can't beat Lost in Space! Yeah, I'm a fan.
    Would love to win this book! Our house is loaded with Irwin Allen collectibles and we can't get enough.


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