January 5, 2011


Wallpaper Magazine has some wonderful extras on their website, including Victoria & Albert exhibit-related videos! "To coincide with the V&A's Cold War Modern exhibition, a fascinating look at creative efforts either side of the Iron Curtain during the infamous global standoff, which we covered back in September, we've taken a closer look at two of the show's contributors, industrial designer (and occasional W* contributor) Dieter Rams and James Bond set designer Ken Adam." Dieter Rams video here.

Find out more about the domestic technology designs of Dieter Rams at the Wallpaper q&a and slide show page here. Dieter's ten principles of "good design" discussed at designmuseum.org here.

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  1. Interesting that that Kubrick asked Ken to cover the war room table in green felt when the film was shot in B&W!

    When looking at his Phonosuper SK5, I often wonder if Dieter was influenced by George Nelson's 6-Drawer Miniature Chest for Herman Miller of 1952.

    The Nelson was the first design I recall that combined the warmth of wood (in this case Rosewood) and the cool starkness of pure white.