January 4, 2011


Looking through the music and short films produced in the 1960s and 1970s by Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Bardot, and Jane Birkin, I was reminded of this stunning 2004 recording Birkin made with Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music). Something a little different for Spy Vibe today, but I think you will enjoy the twangy guitar. Jane Birkin (Blow Up, Wonderwall) was married to James Bond composer, John Barry, between 1965-1968, so maybe that twangy guitar has deep roots? Birkin was married to Gainsbourg from 1968-1980. Bryan Ferry's song, In Every Dream Home a Heartache, originally appeared on Roxy Music's second album, For Your Pleasure (1973). If you are new to the tune, pay close attention to the lyrics. Yep, they say "inflatable doll." It is a masterpiece of a song that is like a mini film by Antonioni and Jesus Franco. This re-make appeared on Birkin's album, Rendez-Vous. Enjoy!


  1. cool! check out the original Roxy Music version as well. When the band recorded it, I seem to remember reading that they didn't know what Ferry would add- so the vamp went on and on into a huge climax at the end. Then Ferry added the narrative :) I love it.