May 9, 2011


Are you sitting down?

Elio Petri's Sci-Spy classic, The 10th Victim (1965), comes to Blu-ray on August 30th! Blue Underground will release a new, high-definition print from the original camera negative in a 1080p wide-screen presentation. Extras include a documentary film about Marcello Mastroianni, Marcello: A Sweet Life (2006). The Spy Vibe archives of international stills, posters, and memorabilia is now being considered for inclusion in the release. There are many reasons this is our favorite film: Ursula Andress, Marcello Mastroianni, and Elsa Martinelli star; Space-age costumes and gun-bikini; Soundtrack by Piero Piccioni; Autos by Jaguar and Citroen; Firearms by Mauser and Luger; Pop Art and Op Art set design. Stay tuned for updates! Spy Vibe looks at 10th Victim sets and Mods to Moongirls costumes.


  1. Cool! Would love to hear more about Bob Sheckley. Did you ever happen to discuss this film or related stories? I've seen one interview where he mentions that films are naturally different than novels & just leaves it at that. Funny, when I hear Ibiza, I think of Clifford Irving and Elmyr de Hory in Orson Welles' F is For Fake. Interesting place.


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