May 4, 2011


I have a real yen for foreign spy-style movie posters of the 1960s. Mario Bava's Danger Diabolik (1968) often shows up on our radar because of its space-age sets, costumes and soundtrack. Spy Vibers are probably familiar with some of the film's posters and lobby cards, but I wonder how many of you have seen the Italian Style-A design? I love the colors and flow between the forms- and that ripped texture conveys the anti-establishment vibe of the film (there are versions of this poster without the ripped/collage surface, as well). Very cool image, now available through Movie Goods. Spy Vibe Diabolik posts here.


  1. Evocative of Real Fear!

  2. Wow! That's a really interesting graphic. It looks like it was photographed off an actual wall where it had been torn - and old posters show through. But I suspect that the tears and show throughs of the poster underneath are added later by a designer?

    I have seen unaltered versions of this design - and think it has a sister poster, with an even larger close up on Diabolik's head - and the circle graphic in the palm of his hand.

    I must admit though, I like this torn version very much - as you say, the anti establishment feel gives it a power and dynamism that is lacking in the original.


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