July 18, 2011


Mission Impossible (1966-1973) is one of the greatest spy shows from the cold war era. I loved how it focused on a team who could sabotage the enemy without firing a shot, and in many cases, would leave the mission still undetected by the other side. Although I really enjoy the movie franchise, its more conventional use of an armed, solo hero doesn't quite capture the spirit of the original. Spend some time with the Impossible Missions Force this week. Two fave episodes from the first season (pre-Mr. Phelps), are episode #10 The Carriers and episode #24 The Train. Great cold war spy TV! Spy Vibers can read all about the making of The Train at the blog archive of director Ralph Senensky here. You will also find posts about his work on other cult classics such as The Wild Wild West and Star Trek. The Mission Impossible- Complete Series DVD box set is the "daily deep deal" at Deepdiscount.com. They have matched Amazon's current low price of $160.79. [DEAL ENDED, but they continue to offer the set for around $170]. If you have been waiting to add the show to your library, this may be a good time to pick it up. All seven seasons are also currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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