October 14, 2012


Spy Vibe wishes a Happy Birthday to Roger Moore! As a little boy watching him in The Saint, I really looked up to Roger. He seemed to embody qualities that I admired as a kid. His humor was palatable, and he struck such a figure of charm and confidence in those great suits and with that hair slicked back into a perfect curve. Plus he got to drive that cool Volvo! My exposure to The Saint was an early experience with fashion and style. I didn't quite understand what his character's 'job' was, but he inspired me to want to be something called a 'jet-setter.' When I was finally introduced to the James Bond movies, it was Roger's interpretation that I first saw in the theaters. Although I enjoy the many different eras of Bond, I have a special fondness and nostalgia for Roger's movies. Celebrate Roger today by picking up one of his books or with a classic Bond, Saint, or Persuaders. Image below from the Roger Moore website.

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