October 31, 2012


Spy Vibers looking for rare and out-of-print cult films and documentaries should check out the 1-day sale at The Video Beat. Until midnight tonight, retro movie fans get 30% off each title. Check out their website for categories like Mod & Miscl Cool, Music Docs, Monsters Surf & Teens, Beatniks & Hippies, Rock N Roll, and Juvenile Delinquent, Bikers, and Hot Rods. In the Mod section, you'll find treasures like Deadlier Than the Male, The Cat Burgler, Girl On a Motorcycle, Hell Drivers, Performance, Smashing Time, and The Swinger. Use promo code: Halloween30 at checkout. I've ordered many music documentaries from them and they are fantastic! Happy hunting! More info at The Video Beat. Poster below available from movieposter.com

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