December 27, 2012


Doctor Who fans might enjoy the cover designs of this retro-style novel set. They are scheduled to be released this winter as part of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. More info here. Spy Vibers, have you read any of the Doctor Who novels? Which ones did you enjoy? I listened to a fun audio book today, Dead Air, read by David Tennant. The story took place on a 1960s pirate radio ship off the shore of England! There were a few music references to place it in time, and one characters spoke with a fab scouse accent. You can find it on iTunes.


  1. I haven't come across this before. Interesting that the McCoy one is an adaptation/reprint of an adaptation (?) of a TV story, whereas all the others are original tales.

    I have several Who novels of both the Target adaptations and the later New Adventures and Missing Adventures.

  2. I recently started reading the old adaptation of Moonbase (for kindle!), which is pretty fun so far. I'd like to track down some of the Target books. Do you have fave novels overall that you enjoyed reading?

  3. Some of the New Adventures from the 90s are very good and very adult - plenty of violence and sex! Novels like Love and War, Nightshade, The Left Handed Hummingbird and Human Nature. The Missing Adventures take the at the time old Who ie pre McCoy but write it in similarly adult terms. There's a great Pertwee one The Scales Of Injustice which may appeal to 60s/70s spy fans

  4. i see some cool looking audio book box sets on amazon UK.


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