July 30, 2009



Step into the Way-Back Machine to 2000-2003, where you'll find a younger Spy Vibe splitting his time between screenwriting, comics, teaching, and music. Those early loop-based programs were a real treasure and allowed me to finally weave together compositions with beats, sounds from around the world, and most importantly, audio clips from Spy movies and shows. Some readers may recall that fellow C.O.B.R.A.S. Armstrong Sabian at Mister 8 posted some of his own spy surf tunes back in February. I made him a promise that I would search the archives (not quite as extensive as the warehouse in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but close!) and bring out some of my music to share here on Spy Vibe. So far, I've located only some compressed versions from the web, but you'll get the idea.

I will post a new tune on the Spy Vibe Website every day for the next week or so. Head over there and check out the tunes.

First up is BELLA LUGER. Can anyone ID the movie dialog samples? Be the first to post correctly and win a CD compilation!

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