July 9, 2009


I've discovered a creative project out there that specializes in making mini Lego stopmotion animations of Eddie Izzard's stand-up comedy. One of my all-time faves of Eddie's is his bit about gadget-envy and James Bond. The best version is on the Definite Article CD (over the dvd/youtube clip version), which was mined for this short film. Eddie makes great fun of the fact that 007 always seems to have the right gadget at the right time, and he never returns to Q with useless, unused equipment. The highlight of the sketch is about the Aston Martin and goes something like, "James Bond gets in the Aston Martin, the baddie sits in the ejector seat! What if he sat in the back instead? Bond would (looks over his shoulder/Connery voice) 'You wouldn't want to sit up here in the front with me? There's a lovely view. You can see Pussy Galore's house!'" Brilliant stuff. The Lego film covers a brief section of the sketch. SpyVibers should definitely check out the full track from the CD. I've posted the Lego film clip on the Spy Vibe website.

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