June 20, 2010


With Spy Vibe's birthday tribute to Paul McCartney this weekend and Father's Day today, I'm reminded of a beautiful tune McCartney wrote for the Flowers in the Dirt album in 1989 that touched on father/son themes. McCartney's dad, James, often had humorous little sayings for situations. One that came with an outstretched hand was "put it there, if it weighs a ton." Paul McCartney chuckled when he recalled this in an interview, his expression very son-like in bewilderment about what his dad might have meant by the phrase. But when he continued with the story about his own experience as a father in trying to reach out to his own son (named James) when things were tough or strained, he found himself using his dad's words with new understanding. On this sunny Sunday Father's Day, here is Put it There by an elder rocker from Swinging London.

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