June 27, 2010


Deepdiscount is running a sale on the Warners Bros. Archive Collection. These are DVDs that Warner releases on-demand, titles made available to fans without the full investment of mass production and distribution. The list includes some retro faves that have been mostly unavailable for some time. A quick scan reveals some cool treasures:

(Hammer Horror/Ursula Andress)
Kaleidoscope (Warren Beatty and Susannah York)
The Defector (Roddy McDowell and Montgomery Clift)

Two rare treats for music fans:
Carny (Robbie Robertson)
Urgh! A Music War (live shows from many cool bands in the 1980s, including XTC, The Police, Oingo Boingo, Devo, Gang of Four, Dead Kennedys, Gary Numan, Klaus Nomi)

Some classic intrigue from the list: Operator 13, Operation Secret, Split Second, Tall Target, and I Was an American Spy.

Sale ends June 30th.

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