June 21, 2010


Our Man Wes Britton has alerted us to a fantastic edition of Dave White Presents. This week's show includes a chat with The Green Hornet himself, Van Williams, and an interview with Martin Grams Jr., author of a new history of The Green Hornet book. The program will debut Tuesday, June 22 at 7:30pm (same time slot for both Eastern and Pacific listeners) at KSAV. It will then be archived at Audio Entertainment.

To start the buzz for this cool on-line radio event, here is a clip from
The Green Hornet (1966-1967). This fave episode, The Preying Mantis, highlights co-star Bruce Lee's action sequences when our heroes' investigation into Tong activity in Chinatown leads to a dramatic fight to the death. This kind of straight edginess is one of the reasons that The Green Hornet stands today above its campy-cousin, Batman, as cool, costumed, action-adventure. Younger fans who are familiar with Samurai Jack should keep their eyes peeled for Japanese actor, Mako (voice of Aku). Enjoy, and don't miss Dave White Presents this week.

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