November 19, 2010


Start your Spy Vibe weekend with an amazing mid-1960s fashion show with Peggy Moffitt and others decked out in our fave Mod and Moongirl outfits. Will those plastic visor-helmets ever make a comeback? The vocals for the show are provided by the siren of Italian soundtracks, Edda Dell'Orso. It may be raining here in the Bay area, but the weekend is looking Space-Age FAB here on Spy Vibe!

More about model Peggy Moffitt and Spy Vibe fashion from the excellent Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise: "Hers is the face that launched a thousand ripples through the fashion world when she wore the world's first topless bathing suit. "Designer of the future" Rudi Gernreich considered Peggy Moffitt to be his muse and model of choice for his controversial designs. With her Kabuki-inspired face painting, Peggy created her own unique look in the Sixties. Gernreich collaborated with super hair stylist Vidal Sassoon to create Peggy's trademark hairstyle. He gave her a short helmet haircut, with precise geometric bangs cut right to her eyebrows. She also created her own makeup style with heavy black and white eyeliner and long false eyelashes to exaggerate her huge dark eyes. She took the term "strike a pose" very seriously in front of the camera. She made Gernreich's clothes all the more extreme with her striking presence."

Spy Vibers may also want to check out the Rudi Gernreich Book (Rizzoli) by Peggy Moffitt and husband/photographer William Claxton at Arcana Books here. Copies also available through Amazon here. Taschen did a reprint, as well.

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