November 7, 2010


If names like Ferrari and Cobra ignite your imaginations with the exciting sites and sounds of vintage racing, then have we got news for you! Spirit Level Films is about to launch a special sale on a bundle of their racing documentary films. Stay tuned and get ready to start your engines! In the meantime, enjoy this fantastic cult fave by Claude Lelouch (A Man and a Woman). From Spirit Level: You'd be hard-pressed to find a film as steeped in myth as C’était un Rendezvous. Absolutely compulsive - this astonishing, exhilarating and now legendary drive through a beautiful 70s Paris with its surprise ending has been enjoyed for many years as an almost Masonic secret among enthusiasts. Whisper the words "Have you seen Rendezvous?" and you'll receive either a knowing, "No, but I've heard it's unbelievable" or a smug, "It is un-be-lieve-able". Filmed in 1976, the revered short film by seminal French director Claude Lelouch is regarded as the ultimate in chase scenes - the connoisseurs' trump card in response to "Bullitt" or "The French Connection".

C'était un rendez-vous from Kairos Mosaïque on Vimeo.


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