November 8, 2010


As reported yesterday, Spirit Level Films is about to launch a limited sale on a bundle of their best documentary movies about vintage racing. If you love the cars and driving action of retro James Bond films, you're bound to love these movies about classic auto design and performance. In addition to the thrilling ride in a Ferrari with Claude Lelouche in Rendezvous (see last post), the set also includes The Snake and the Stallion about the famous Ferrari-Cobra wars. Cinema Retro fans might recognize a split-screen production style reminiscent of The Thomas Crown Affair with actor/racer Steve McQueen. Here's a brief trailer.


  1. Personally, I'd take either car. I'm a huge car buff and will check this out. Thanks. and

  2. Cool! I saw this film years ago under its original title, The Ferrari Cobra Wars, and loved it. I'm pretty sure their stuff is region free. I never had trouble w that film, or with Rendezvous, which I often screen for people.


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