February 17, 2011


UK distributor, Network, always has something exciting to check out. We often refer to them as the Criterion Collection for retro action. In fact, Network has beefed up their Youtube channel with a large collection of trailers, including spots for their upcoming Blu-ray Retro Action series. Three volumes of classic British spy-show compilations will be released in Hi-Def on February 28th! Here is a trailer for Retro Action Vol 2, which sports thrilling moments from The Saint, The Prisoner, Danger Man/Secret Agent, Man in a Suitcase, and Gideon's Way. It's worth seeing just for the baddie wearing a Fez and an eye-patch. Priceless! Check out their Youtube channel here.

Retro Action vol 1:
The Persuaders!: Chain of Events
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased): When Did You Start to Stop Seeing Things?
Department S: A Small War of Nerves
The Champions: The Invisible Man
Strange Report: Report 2493: Kidnap - ‘Whose Pretty Girl Are You?’

Retro Action vol 2:
The Saint: The Queen’s Ransom
Danger Man: No Marks for Servility
The Prisoner: Arrival
Gideon’s Way: The Tin God
Man in a Suitcase: Somebody Loses, Somebody… Wins?

Retro Action vol 3:
The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Sheriff’s Boots
Shirley’s World: The Rally
The Invisible Man: Secret Experiment
The Baron: Something For A Rainy Day
Return of the Saint: One Black September
The Zoo Gang: Revenge: Post Dated
Danger Man: View From the Villa

Network's Retro Action series page here.

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  1. These are nice collections for those who don't have the cash, or the patience, to sit through the full sets. Here you just get one or two episodes of the same show and also can pick and chose other shows you might not be familiar with, but want to see more after getting a taste.

    I'm in Miami filming episodes 4 and 5. Show prmieres April 14th at 8 on ABC.


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