February 6, 2011


We can celebrate The Avengers, James Bond, UNCLE, Flint, and many others, but in the end, what can really top The Prisoner for its blend of espionage thrills, character-driven scripts, activism, Sci Fi mystery, and 1960s design? Every once in a while it's nice to remember a masterpiece.

Spy Vibe began as a website and our first post was a tribute to Patrick McGoohan after he passed away. Spy Vibe recently had its second blog anniversary. Adding those original hits, we've now passed our first 100,000 mark! Thank you Spy Vibe readers for being a part of our community. Here's to you, and to the man that inspired it all in the first place, Patrick McGoohan. What's your favorite McGoohan episode? Something from The Prisoner, Danger Man/Secret Agent, or Dr Syn?


  1. I happen to love Pat's appearance in the fifth season Columbo episode, Identity Crisis,
    when McGoohan brings a charm and "Be seeing you" to the proceedings. He even gets to play spy with his "Steinmetz" persona. Love Pat's 1970s threads, too.

  2. I can't tell you how many buttons this show pushed when I was a kid.

    It just so happened that I was a little kid when this first came out. On top of that, I had two much older bros. that were right in the middle of the chosen demographic for Mods, music, swinging London Brit stuff and the like.

    AND I grew up in a sportscar oriented family, British sportscars at that.

    I can remember it like it was yesterday, during the first time we saw the opening credits, my oldest brother (red TR-4) suddenly shouted: "Holy Moly, that's a SEVEN!"

    "Damn right it is, those are quick!" added my father.

    To this day, and sure, a lot of this has to do with seeing their success on the track, the first car I get when I win the lottery is a Seven.

    Or a Ferrari, I'm not picky.

  3. C.K- I love that Columbo episode, too.

    The Lotus 7! Yes, so iconic at the start of the show. Must be amazing & zippy to drive. There must be a kit? Here's a link on a Prisoner site:



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