February 12, 2011


Spy Vibe fans of Andrei Tarkovsky's masterpiece, Solaris (1972), can look forward to new Blu-ray and DVD editions from the Criterion Collection in May. Criterion has updated their print to include blue-tinted sequences, likely following the director's original vision. The current DVD edition is out of print, but Criterion is offering the last remaining copies at 65% off, bringing this classic down to $13.98. From Criterion:

We will be announcing new Blu-ray and DVD editions of Solaris as part of our May lineup. We now know that the black-and-white scenes in the film were meant to be tinted blue, and we have updated the feature accordingly. The supplements from the original DVD will not change.

The old DVD edition is officially out of print. However, we are offering it at a 65% discount from the SRP at Criterion (use the promotion code RHEYA at checkout). We have a limited supply and will fulfill orders as soon as we can.

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