February 14, 2011


Our man Kevin Dart has been working with a team of creators to bring us a new YUKI 7 book this summer! Spy Vibers will likely remember our interview with Kevin Dart back in July 2009, when we discussed his love of retro movie posters, Yuki 7, and his fave spy films. The launch of his character and the collection of his illustrations was a major event among retro/spy fans. The first book, Seductive Espionage, implied wonderful narrative through the "movie posters" and information about the fictional career of Yuki 7. The new book, Looks That Kill, will feature developed Yuki 7 stories by Elizabeth Ito. Dart is also working on a new animation trailer for the project. Incidentally, there is also a collection of Spy Vibe fiction in the works. I look forward to telling you more about that project soon. In the meantime, keep your surveillance on Yuki 7 and Spy Vibe for updates. From the Yuki 7 blog:

'This summer will see the release of Looks That Kill, the first "Official Yuki 7 Adventure Book". It's being written by Elizabeth Ito, and is a full-blown spy story with loads of intrigue and gadgets and awesome fashion! Above you can see a snippet of the cover, which was designed by myself and a really talented young kid named Matthew Edwards, who's helping me with the book layout. The official release date will be July 16th, and we're planning an awesome release party to happen at Q Pop! There's also going to be a new short film in the vein of the Kiss From Tokyo trailer.' Find out more at Yuki 7.

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