May 10, 2011


I've been photographing and scanning images for the upcoming Blu-ray edition of The 10th Victim (see announcement here). So many visual treasures! I discovered this film when I was a kid, and it has always defined the essence of 1960s cool design, fashion, and music- all wrapped up in a Sci-Spy package. The image below is a rare magazine cover from Italy that highlights the link between the style of the film and the Op and Pop art movements. The lovely Ursula Andress wears a white top with geometric cut-outs over black. Bella!

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  1. That pen sounds cool! Op work can be traced back to 30s Bauhaus, but I gather that the term "Op Art" really became a popular concept in 1964 with a Time Magazine article. Bridget Riley's 1961 piece, Movement in Squares, is reproduced in part of the Big Hunt Club sequence in The 10th Victim. It's a fun addition to set design. And I love how Steranko included it in his designs of the 60s S.H.I.E.L.D. comics.


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