November 20, 2011


Happy Monday, Spy Vibers! Travel back with us to lunchtime clubs and performances of early 1960s England. Have a coffee and get your feet tapping- what better way to start the week? Today's attraction: The Rolling Stones. Their first number is What a Shame, an original tune recorded in 1964. US fans may remember the track from the 1965 album, Rolling Stones Now!, which collected songs from various UK releases. I love the cool vibe of Brian Jones' slide guitar, which achieved a hybrid of classic blues and mid-60s futuristic sound. Our era of Diva-like histrionics could learn a lot from his economy of notes. Here is a a 2002 remastered stereo mix:

The Rolling Stones continue with a second tune from the same album: Little Red Rooster by Willie Dixon (made famous by Howlin' Wolf). Watch out all you strange cat people!

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