November 18, 2011


The rare ITC series, Espionage, is now available through the fab Network on-line shop. Discs are region 2/PAL- and only available through November 2012. Details here.

Unseen for over 40 years, Espionage is one of the rarest and most sought-after ITC series. Produced by George Justin (Twelve Angry Men) and Herbert Hirschman (The Zoo Gang), this anthology series of 24 plays covered everything from the then-current Cold War to 19th century China, from Johnson's London to intrigue in Kenya and Moscow.

Espionage is one of Lew Grade's first successes with a transatlantic production team, featuring both British and American writers and directors (including three plays directed by the Oscar-nominated Michael Powell (The Red Shoes). With one play, The Whistling Shrimp, actually shot in New York, it's no wonder that this series attracted talent of the calibre of Roger Livesey, Stanley Baxter, Anthony Quayle, Sian Phillips, Donald Pleasence, Dennis Hopper, Patrick Troughton, Barry Foster and others.

Script PDFs for Castles in Spain and Snow on Mount Kama
Extensive Image Galleries, including many in colour

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