December 20, 2011


With in-depth articles covering such classics as Flint, Batman, Man From U.N.C.L.E., and Deadlier Than the Male, there are many sold-out issues of Cinema Retro that have become highly collectible. Cinema Retro never re-prints their publications, which has caused after-market prices to soar into the hundreds for a single magazine. But Spy Vibers who missed early subscription windows now have cause to rejoice. The magazine just launched a digital wing that enables readers to catch up with these holy grail editions on-line for the original cover price of $12.

Cinema Retro"Cinema Retro constantly gets requests from readers to reprint those issues of Cinema Retro that have sold out. However, as every issue is a limited edition collector’s item, we have to remain true to our word and never reprint these editions. However, we know that many of our dedicated readers were not even aware of the magazine until long after certain issues have sold out. Thus, we’ve partnered with our American distributor RCS to make sold out issues available as on-line digital editions. These sold out issues of the magazine now command big prices on the collector’s circuit (A reader advises he just sold two of his spare issues on eBay for $229 each!) Yet, the digital on-line versions are available for purchase at the regular cover price of $12.

These digital editions are exactly the same as the format of the original magazine. They are not edited in any way and contain every word and photo featured in the print edition.By viewing on line, you can browse through the pages and zoom in or out to increase or decrease the size of the print."

Digital Cinema Retro magazines available here. Avoid missing future issues by subscribing to the magazine. They are now taking orders for their next series of three issues. Details here.

Be sure to check Spy Vibe's holiday give-away prizes and current auction (see previous posts). Winners will be chosen on Dec 24th!

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